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Levi Lamont Beard, using the pen name “L. Lamont”, always had a knack for writing; going back to his days at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California, he honed his gift through journalism and creative writing courses. Having articles published on the collegiate level further sparked the interest to write and even dabble in poetry. After earning a Bachelor in Communications degree from Wilberforce University, he moved to Houston, Texas and embarked on a career in education. While earning his Master in Education Administration degree from Prairie View A&M University, his first short-form play entitled, “Consequence”, was published in 2007 through the University of Houston’s Houston Teacher Institute, aimed at designing a creative writing curriculum through playwriting. Aside from his love for writing and composing music, his career in education has spanned 12 years, beginning with the Houston Independent School District as a middle school English teacher, and currently as a high school English teacher for the Abu Dhabi Education Council in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He is married to Dr. Pamela D. Bilton-Beard, also an educator, for over 13 years.



Thirty-six year-old Douglas Moore was stuck in life’s purgatory; juxtaposed with illusions of grandeur and the realities of living in debt. A kind hearted single-man, he couldn’t figure a way to reconfigure his existence until one fateful day; he became the lucky recipient of the winning Mega Ball lottery ticket. In an instant his life takes a 180 degree turn, immediately exposed to the very best that money could buy. But amidst this life-changing event, his analytical mind goes into overdrive with preconceived notions on how family and friends will react to his new found wealth, causing him to build a wall of paranoia. But fate throws him yet another curve upon learning he’s developed a major health challenge, just as he was mustering the nerve to explore an unexpected new love interest. Douglas is faced with making some serious decisions, with the understanding that some of them may be irreversible. This is the consequence of chance.